Episode 88 - Val Kilmer Mania

September 8th, 2020

By sheer chance, Jen managed to pick two Val Kilmer movies for this week's main features. Naturally, Darcy decided that an education in Val Kilmer's entire career was in order, so he selected the choicest cuts to make this the most Val Kilmer-y week of them all. We discuss Top Secret! Tombstone, Batman Forever, The Saint, and MacGruber in addition to our main features Red Planet, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Episode 87 - The Warm Boi Vampires

August 31st, 2020

Apparently the random-DVD-picking gods decided that we needed even more vampires in our lives, so we went from Cold Boi Vampires, to Warm Boi ones. But first, we discuss two important movies that aren't from our terrible collection: Snatchers, and Destroyer. We do our best to avoid spoiling them because you should probably check them out. For the main course, we have two movies where actors can't commit to one freaking accent: Varsity Blues, and Queen of the Damned. 

Episode 86 - The Cold Boi Vampires

August 30th, 2020

We forgot to release this episode in a timely manner, and now we can't even remember what movies we discussed. Darcy watched Deep Blue Sea 3 and Black Water Abyss by himself like a weirdo, and we also watched Strange Wilderness together. Then for our main feature we strap ourselves in for some truly stellar acting in Lost In Space, and chase it down with 30 Days of Night.

Episode 86 Trailer

August 17th, 2020

A tasty little podcast snack where you can find out what movies we have tabled for the next exciting episode!

Episode 85 - This Episode is Kwispy

August 17th, 2020

It's been another wild week in the house of 3120 DVDs. First, we discuss the fresh new mini-series Lovecraft Country, then we dive into some utterly ridiculous but mostly fun films, including Alien Raiders, Hunting Grounds, and The Love Witch. That last one turns out to be pretty polarizing for us, and Jen has no idea how or why she got so worked up. 


Then into the actual collection of DVD's, we pulled up a gem from the Goosebumps series: The Ghost Next Door, which surprisingly holds up. Finally, we also review each of the seven episodes of Family Guy on Season 1, disc 1.

Episode 84 - All These Podcasts Look the Same

August 9th, 2020

The past two weeks were slow for movies for us, but we managed to squeak in a couple from outside our collection and scrape together a triple feature for the main event. From beyond the pit of despair (aka the infamous DVD collection), we watched Burning Bright and Primal Rage, both of which we think are worth a watch. Then for the main feature we got a double dose of Muppets: The Muppets Take Manhattan as well as Muppets From Space. To round things out on a completely different note we finished with 2008's Changeling, which is based on a true story. Fun fact: Jen didn't know who Angelina Jolie was until we watched this movie.

Episode 83 - 1 Man, 1 Movie, 100 Days

July 26th, 2020

This week we welcome guest Dwight Frye who has watched Dead Man on Campus every day for over 100 days in a row now, and he wasn't even forced into it. Obviously we talk at length about that one, but we also discuss cosmic horror movie Mandy, as well as 2019's Clownado, which is exactly what you think it is and you should definitely watch it.

Episode 82 - Semi-Amateur Movie Critics

July 19th, 2020

What an emotional ride we've had this week! From social media distancing to making decisions for Michelle Mylett, all the way to spilled ice cream. From outside our collection, we watched It Comes at Night, Palm Springs, and Wolf. Plus we discuss two games that are also movies: The Complex, and Erika. Then for our main features we review the lowly-acclaimed Bride Wars, followed by Vantage Point. 

Episode 82 Trailer

July 11th, 2020

We're trying this standalone preview format again - let us know if you like these trailers as individual episodes, or just added onto the end of a regular episode. Or let us know whatever else you think. Anyway, tune in to find out what's on the agenda for next week so you can watch the movies in advance, or you know, not do that.

Episode 81 - Look At The Length of It

July 8th, 2020

This episode is just one train derailment after another. Jen is reduced to uttering squeaks and Darcy goes on a rant or two about shitty movie characters. We discuss Hell Comes to Frogtown, The Terror Within, and The Crush, before digging deep into our first main feature, The Notebook. For our second feature we dig much less deep - or is it more shallow? - into Little Miss Sunshine. Both main features bring up some shit you wish you didn't know about Jen and Darcy explains how Little Miss Sunshine is really just the sequel to The Notebook. 


Side note, you may not believe us but we were neither drunk nor high when we recorded this episode. Seriously.

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